Your Health Doctor Murphy was developed through wise biblical counsel and strong spiritual guidance to make available information, supplies, and appropriate outlets that are applicable to the well-being of a person’s spirit, soul, and body.

The informative television show “Your Health with Dr. Murphy,”
is one of the most extraordinary outlets of this century to minister to the needs of the whole person.  It is one of the many programs on the TCT Television Network that reaches around the world twenty four hours per day with the Gospel/Good News of the Kingdom of God; hailing Jesus Christ (Hebrew Name; Yahushua haMashiach), as Lord and Savior.

You will view information on this website about natural health, formulated holistic products, and recipes for healthy living.  You will find available links offering access to bibles, ministry-aid materials, movies/DVD, and even some casual wear. 

You will enjoy the Blog of Dr. Murphy, as he shares information on health, finance, relationships, salvation/evangelism, and the Hebraic Roots of Scriptures; among many other topics.  His practical insight on the Bible and everyday life cause people to sit in his presence for hours just to glean from the anointed wisdom and manifested presence of God in his life.  He is quick to tell everyone that his life is nothing without Jesus Christ, and apart from Jesus Christ he can do nothing.

Through this website, you will find the link that will guide you on how to invite Dr. Murphy to speak at your event (s).  Many ministries have been blessed by his teachings, seminar presentations, personal fellowship, and mentorship.  His meetings are often accompanied by signs, wonder, miracles, and a strong presence of the Holy Spirit.

The television show; “Your Health with Dr. Murphy,” will inform you on how to become a part of the live audience during the taping/filming of the show. Browse this website and enjoy the view. “Here’s to your health.”

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